Digital Artist

SURI is a surreal digital manipulation artist from Spain, with a very unique style that will give you an 'out of the vox' view.

Her personal style and unique approach to photo manipulation deliver unexpected moments that mix wildlife, nature and people in ways that seem alive, yet surreal, all at once.



She was self taught on photography manipulation, always inspired on wildlife and nature, with a limit-less imagination. 

She started to upload her initial artworks on Instagram, trying different things until she found her own unique and surreal style, that will make her images stand out from the usual Instagram feed.




After a few months editing, her artworks reached a global scale and she will be able to collaborate with other well-known Instagrammers, photographers and celebritys from all over the world.

One of her biggest collaborations was with the famous Dj AVICII, where she created three artworks to promote his new single 'Lonely Together'.



The next step was reaching peoples home with her imagination artworks, selling high quality posters all over the world.


''My work is not complete without you. You are the most important piece of the puzzle. And this is my favorite part of the work. Thank you for making this real.''



Her goal is to keep growing as an artist and improve the quality and uniqueness of the designs, to keep bringing new feelings to peoples homes.



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